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16mm HMPE 12 Strand Strop

16mm HMPE 12 Strand Strop

16mm HMPE Strop

We recently built this 16mm HMPE 12 Strand strop to replace a Headwire inside a Mainsail. The boat is a 23 metre Thames sailing barge.

The use of HMPE allowed a considerable weight saving over heavy stainless steel wire, but still retaining the strength required for the application.

The length was critical as the strop had to be be stitched inside the sail.

At Ocean Rope we take accuracy seriously, thats why we preload our stops in the workshop to ensure the best possible accuracy. Some elongation of the splices is normal and this process helps to eliminate this.

HMPE 12 strand will elongate around 1.5% at break load, so this should be factored in to the build process.

We finished the strop with a hard eye one end and a large soft eye the other.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene or HMPE is made using a 12 strand construction and is ideal for wire replacement. Perfect for extreme high load applications.

See our Large Diameter HMPE for more information on this incredible product


Hard Eye Splice

16mm HMPE Strop


Strop being pulled to length


16mm HMPE Strop


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