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Custom High Load Dyneema Strops

Custom High Load Dyneema® Strops

Ocean Rope are experts in custom building high load dyneema® Strops. We use the best quality SK99 Dyneema® to produce our loops.

The strop is constructed using mutiple “windings” of Dyneema® inside a Dyneema® Chafe Sleeve. The break load is modified by increasing the diameter of the rope or increasing the number of windings. This allows us to produce with precise accuracy.

Ocean Rope specialise in superyacht tender lifting strops. We have been involved in projects for some of the world’s largest superyachts along with superyacht tender yards.

There are two main types of strop used:

Straight Grommet – A straight loop pulled from each end.

Basket Strop – The strop is doubled over and provides increased break load.

High Load Dyneema® covered Loop


Common Uses

  • Superyacht tender lifting strops
  • Yachting – Reef Strops, Block strops etc
  • Industrial Applications

Specifying a Dyneema® loop

What information do we require to build a custom Dyneema® loop?

  1. Identify the SWL required for your project (if required contact a design engineer to calculate these for you)
  2. Discuss with us the relevant factor of safety required – 5:1 for Yachting applications, 7:1 for lifting applications.
  3. Identify any diameter restrictions for your project
  4. Provide us with any relevant drawings etc


In conjunction with our independent testing partners we can carry out destructive tests to prove break loads and also proof load items to their SWL before dispatch. Once these tests have been carried out we can provide a certificate for the SWL of the strop.

Preloading the strop to its SWL also means that strop is pre-stretched, the strop will be the exact length required and will not elongate.

Once tested our strops are tagged with a simple rubber tag displaying the SWL, Expiry Date and Strop Type. This ensures the strop is used correctly.




As with all our custom rigging work, each item is barcoded with a weatherproof label and covered with clear heat shrink. This allows to track all the details of the item in our database and offer advice on replacement. When it comes to replacing your item we can look up all the details and quote for new items quickly and easily.


For more information or to request a quote contact us now:

+44 2381 550059





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