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Rope Guard Wires

Dyneema Guard Wires

Rope Guard Wires

Here at Ocean Rope we are experts in supplying Rope Guard wires.

An excellent replacement for wire, Rope Guard wires have many benefits including:

  • Ability to choose from many different colours (Black, Beige, Grey) to match your boats other rope.
  • No Splinters or Sharp strands
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Extremely Strong
  • Very easy to inspect for damage

Before you choose to move to Dyneema guard wires we recommend you consider the following areas:

  1. Chafe 

All our Dyneema is coated using a Polyurethane coating for excellent abrasion resistance. However the nature of a synthetic product means its is more susceptible to chafe . Check all stanchions for any sharp edges. Also consider any spinnaker guys that may rub on the guardwires.

We can provide options to help reduce chafe. On the J70 we use heat shrink tube where the rope runs through the stanchions. However on larger boats we can specify other options such as Polyester or HMPE chafe cover.

2. Tensioning method 

Another consideration is the tensioning method. It is not always possible to use the same bottle screw method as wire. Our most popular tensioning method is to use an Antal low friction ring and a lashing. Colligo Marine produce some very neat Dyneema Terminals which we can supply for the most professional method. 

3. Termination 

A small point but still important! The termination method will need to be considered. Existing wire guarders will most likely have a swaged fork terminal. We can supply a eye splice for use with a simple D shackle or a large eye splice for cow hitching.


For more help with specifying your Rope Guard wires please contact us at or visit the contact us page 


Dyneema Guard WIres Dyneema Guard Wires Dyneema Guard Wires


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