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Halyard Mousing

Halyard Mousing

Winter is here!

To avoid damage to your rope this winter, Ocean Rope recommend mousing the halyards out of your mast.

Replacing rope with mousing line helps to avoid unnecessary UV damage, mildew and ensure they are kept clean and ready to use in the spring.

Ocean Rope stock mousing line in reels of up to 300meters, so please get in touch with your requirements.

Tips for mousing out your halyards

  • Select a high quality mousing line to ensure it lasts the whole winter
  • Attach the mousing line to the messenger eye or secure with a clove hitch
  • Attached to the pulpit of your yacht with a bowline. It is important to pull your mousing line tight in order to avoid chafe and the chance of the line jumping the sheeve.
  • Tie the mouse line to your mast base blocks to keep them off the deck or if your lines run under the deck, they can be secured at the clutch.
  • Thoroughly check you halyards for chafe or damage.
  • Clean and dry the rope thoroughly to avoid mildew.

Halyards supplied by Ocean Rope come with a messenger eye as standard to make mousing the halyard easy. This helps with initial fitting and also removal every winter

To purchase your mousing line online, follow the link below:

Mousing line reel deal 

For help mousing out your halyards contact us on +44 2381 550 059

or info@oceanrope.com


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