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How to : Specifying a Harken Mainsail Battcar system

Harken Mainsail Battcar System

The Harken Mainsail Battcar system is a market leader in mainsail handling. The system allows sailors to raise, lower and reef the mainsail easily, even when under load. This is especially useful when reefing shorthanded, eliminating the need to turn the boat head to wind.

This guide will outline the 4 basic requirements to specify your system.

1.Determine System size

There are four sizes in the ranges (Systems AA,A,B and C). Use this diagram below to identify which size system your boat requires:

Harken mainsail Battcar system

2. Determine Track Quantity and Type

Ocean Rope can specify the number of track sections required based on your mainsail luff length.

Track Types:

Slug Mount – This is the most common and easiest method. 1 slug mount kit is required per track section. Let us know your mast bolt rope groove shape and we will advise.

Drill/Tap – For masts without a bolt rope groove. This is a more complicated installation normally requiring a professional rigger. This method requires 1 splice link at each track join

3. Choose End Stop Kit

Quick Release – includes screw pin or pinstop unstop for bottom of mast and fixed at top. For easy removal of the cars.

Fixed – Includes two fixed end stops

4. Choose Cars

Order 1 x Headboard. 1 Battcar for every full batten and use the chart below to identify the number of intermediate cars required.

Harken Mainsail Battcar System

CB System – all captive ball bearing components. Lowest friction system for fast sail hoists and drops

Combination System – CB headboard and battcars, Slider intermediate cars. Reduces cost but uses CB cars in the highest loaded areas

Slider System – All slider system (non ball bearing) reduces friction versus a bolt rope system. Not suited to high load applications.

5. Contact Ocean Rope

Ocean Rope are Harken recommended riggers and have vast experience with the high quality Harken brand. Contact us to find out more.


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Harken Mainsail Battcar system


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