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J105 Rope Package

J105 Rope Package

We were recently asked to produce a J105 Rope Package for a customer with a new boat.

The list we produced was as follows:

  • Spinnaker Halyards – GP Braid
  • Jib Sheets – Technora Braid
  • Spinnaker Sheets – Super Braid 
  • Tackline – SuperBraid
  • Inhauler System
  • Cascade Backstay
  • Jib car Control System
  • Antal Rings with Loops

Heres all the items packaged ready to go!

Here’s some of the details :

Spinnaker Sheets

The spinnaker sheets were supplied with 2 covered eye splices. These were then joined with a 12 strand tail for attachment to the sail. The allows for smooth gybes as the attachment is kept away from the forestay.

Jib Sheets

The jib sheets were supplied in 8mm Technora Braid for excellent abrasion resistance. These were spliced with a Chafe Sleeve Tip and a soft shackle attachment.

J105 Jib Sheets

Cascade Backstay

The cascade backstay was produced to the customers supplied lengths. This will be used to replace the old hydraulic cylinder. Purchase backstays tend to be faster to adjust than hydraulic backstays. We supplied a new backstay rope and backstay flicker to complement the system. All made using our GP12 Core

Antal Rings with loops

Antal Low friction rings with loops made @ 100mm Long

Antal Low Friction Rings with loops


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