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Large Diameter HMPE Splicing Services

HMPE Splicing

Ocean Rope offer large diameter HMPE rope ranging from 12mm to 32mm “on the shelf” and diameters up to 105mm by special order.

Large Diameter HMPE 12-32mm

HMPE has an extremely high strength to weight ratio. Splicing allows around 90% of the ropes strength to be retained.

Spliced HMPE Applications

Spliced HMPE rope has many applications. Some of our most popular applications are:

  • Towing Lines
  • Wire strop replacement
  • Winch Lines

Ocean Rope offer splicing services for HMPE rope, either one end or both ends spliced.

Custom Options

  • Chafe cover added to eyes
  • Thimbles
  • Integrate into hardware
  • Double Braided rope

To find out more about our Large Diameter HMPE splicing services or to request a quotation contact us at

28mm Covered HMPE strops spliced into Thimbles

32mm HMPE spliced into subsea hardware

32mm HMPE for subsea application


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