New Halyards – Dyneema Braid

New Halyards from Ocean Rope

Ocean Rope were asked to replace some badly UV damaged halyards in 8mm Dyneema Braid.

These were supplied with uncovered eye splices. Using an uncovered splice adds flexibility to the splice allow for easy cow hitching of existing snap shackles. Messenger eyes were also added to aid the fitting of the halyards to the boat.

Our dyneema braid by southern ropes was perfect for this application. A low stretch option with a high tenacity polyester cover adding durability, 2 of the halyards are used for spinnaker and durability is especially required here.

We hold stocks in many different colours which is perfect for boats with multiple halyards. Our large stock allows orders to be turned around very quickly.

If you need new halyards or advice on any running rigging project, please get in touch with us now.

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