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Harken Reflex Furling Lead Block Kit

Harken Reflex Furling Lead Block Kit 1 x Double Cam Stanchion Fairlead 2 x Stanchion Fairleads 1 x Carbo T2 with Bungee

Marlow MGP Furling Line

Marlow MGP Furling Line Prefect for endless furling lines

Harken Reflex Furler – Unit 1

Harken Reflex Furler Asymmetric systems  with 16,  18 or 20 Metre Furling Cables Code Zero system has fixed tack and no cable supplied (purchased separately)

Karver KT Furling Cable / Torsion Rope – 9mm-15mm

Please select the cable length to the next whole meter. I.e For 7.2 metres select 8 Meters. For measurement enquiries contact