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Product Spotlight : GP Braid Rope

GP Braid Rope

Product Spotlight: GP Braid Rope

GP Braid Rope is new to our online store but a product we have been testing for over 2 years with great results!

We work with ropes of all kinds from cruising to grand prix racing and this product is genuinely our favourite! The rope features the market leading HMPE GP12 core, made using black fibres ensuring the rope never fades!

This rope is perfect for tapered halyards and sheets, the black core looks really smart, even after continued use. Most of our one design rope packages now feature this product.

Technical details:

  • Core – GP12 Black
  • Cover – High tenacity polyester
  • Construction – Double Braid
  • Colours – Blue/Grey, Black/Grey, Yellow/Grey, Red/Grey, Green/Grey, Orange/Grey

We are also testing coloured cores to match the cover. This is currently available in the Orange variety but will be available in all the range soon.

GP Braid is available to purchase at our online shop now.

Alternatively, to talk to us about a custom rope package using GP Braid, contact us at


Heres some of our custom work using GP Braid:


Custom Rope Package in GP Braid


GP Braid Halyard with Tylaska T8


GP Braid with uncovered eye splice



Tapered Spinnaker sheets with Orange core to match cover



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