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Harken 45mm Element Blocks

Harken 45mm Element Block Range In stock at either Ocean Rope or Harken

Harken 57 mm Ratchamatic® HTE Block — Swivel

Ratchamatic HTE features a delayed ratchet engagement allowing the block to run free more of the time

Harken Cam-Matic® Cleat – 150

Harken Cam-Matic® Cleat - 150 Hamble boat drop off service available

Harken Lock-In Winch Handle Service Kit

Harken Lock-in winch handle repair kit Contact us for advice on fitting or alternatively send your handle to us for repair.

J109 Winch Upgrade Package

J109 Winch Package Contact us for advise on fitting and specifications

J70 Harken Jib Furler Top Swivel

J70 Furler Top Swivel **Note the stainless crane is not required and easily removed**

McLube Sailkote

Mclube Sailkote  Sailkote is the easy to apply high-tech, high performance dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, and anything

McLube® Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish

£45.16 £38.39
McLube® Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish McLube’s Antifoul Alternative is a high-gloss polish that inhibits marine growth below the waterline and

Harken 29mm FLY Block – Soft Attach

Harken 29mm Fly Block Incredible 350kg working load! Perfect for kicker cascades

Harken 40mm FLY block – Soft Attach

Harken 40mm Fly block Incredible 650kg word load! Perfect for backstay cascades