Colligo Terminator



Colligo Terminator – Spliceable, lashable and pinable end fittings

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Colligo Terminator Fitting

Colligo Terminator Available sizes:

  • 3-6mm
  • 7-9mm
  • 11-12mm
  • 15-17

Colligo’s Patented Line Terminator end fittings are the only spliceable, lashable and pinable end fittings available that meet the recommended minimum 5/1 bending ratio for Dynex Dux.

This is essential for long term durability of Dyneema based lines as tight bending radii cause compressive stresses that weaken the line considerably.

Perfect for Dyneema Shrouds, Lifelines and General Lashings

Available for dispatch within 2 days

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3-6mm, 7-9mm, 11-12mm, 15-17mm


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