Harken Snubb Air 1300 Winch


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Harken Snubb Air

Low profile class legal winch upgrade for the J70

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Harken Snubb Air 1300 Winch

The Harken Snubb air 1300 winch is a large deck-mounted ratcheting sheave that offers more line holding assistance than a ratchet block without being as obtrusive as the winch.

Key Product Info:

  • Fully Class Legal for the J70
  • Fits the same mounting holes as B8A
  • 30% Lower on the deck
  • Available with winch handle adaptor

The J/70 class-legal deck winches are unpopular with crew members who continually bruise themselves after bumping into them. Crews rarely use them and have invested in many creative work arounds to pad or cover them up. The Harken® 8 Classic Plain Top winches (B8A) on J/70s may be replaced by the SnubbAir, which is not a winch.

SnubbAir comes with four integral threaded studs placed to match the bolt holes from the B8A winch on the J/70 deck. The replacement project will take less than 10 minutes. All washers and Nylok® nuts required for mounting are included.

The SnubbAir can be ordered with an optional winch handle adapter that lets crews use any conventional winch handle. It weighs less than half of the B8A plain top winch and is 30% lower to the deck. It features two races of Delrin®ball bearings like a block,which assure it operates with very little friction.

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