Tylaska T Range



Tylaska T Range snap shackles

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Tylaska T Range snap shackles by Ocean Rope.

Ocean Rope offer a range of Tylaska T range shackles including:

  • T5 – Small Boat applications (2200kg Break Load)
  • T8 – Medium Sized applications (3600kg Break Load)
  • T12 – Larger Applications (5400kg Break Load

Large bail shackles are available to accommodate attachment of other snap shackles or ropes to the  bail. This is perfect for spinnaker guy applications.

Ocean Rope can provide the full Tylaska range on request. We can Splice this product into our rope products. perfect for spinnaker sheets or tacklines.


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T5, T5 Large Bail, T8, T8 Large Bail, T12, T12 Large Bail




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