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Spinlock Rig Sense

Spinlock rig sense with bag

The Spinlock Rig Sense has arrived at Ocean Rope!

Rig tension gauges are essential for race tuning of masts on Dinghies and Yachts of all sizes. Shroud tensions should be measured and calibrated in order to produce fast repeatable rig settings to maximise time on the water. Ocean Rope have experience with many different types of rig gauges available on the market however the Rig Sense stands out from the crowd!

The Rig Sense is a simple to use rig tension gauge, for use on both wire and rope (2-5mm). The stainless steel deflectors follow that natural curve of the wire, this mitigates the differences in cable bending stiffness. Tension will measure the same for all wire sizes and materials

Tensions are measure in kgs to eliminate the need for conversions. The Gauge can easily be used with one hand. The quality materials used promise to offer long term durability and accuracy. Similar products in the market wear over time making the readings inaccurate and this can lead to inconsistent rig set up

Spinlock have also launched the Rig Sense mobile app to aid and assist with logging settings. The app allows the user to log multiple rig settings for multiple boats and share these settings with crew or coaches. Templates can be created in order to customise the data presentation based on the requirements of the user, such as sail selection, wind speed or waves.

The rig sense comes with a bag for storage and its small size allows for easy storage onboard.

Ocean Rope will be testing the rig sense and using for our own rig tuning work. Ocean Rope have access to conversion tables to help you move across from your previous rig tension gauge and start working with the Rig Sense.

To find our more please email us at info@oceanrope.com 

The rig sense is available to purchase here on our website



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