Dyneema Chafe Guard Splice

Splicing Services From Ocean Rope


Ocean Rope offer a market leading custom rigging and splicing service. We are happy to discuss any splicing project and can advise the best method for the application.

Find out all about our splicing options here. Splicing your rope helps to retain up to 90% of its original strength compared to around 60% for a knot. Using a splice instead of a knot allow calibration for fast, repeatable trim settings onboard Yachts and Dinghies, as the length stays the same for every use.

We offer many different splicing options however our four most popular are:

  • Dyneema Taper Splice
  • Dyneema Tip/Chafe cover splice
  • Covered Eye splice
  • Core only / single braid splice

Dyneema Taper Splice

Dyneema taper splice

The Ocean Rope taper splice involves removing the ropes cover to expose the ropes core. This helps to
reduce the weight of the rope but also reduce friction through blocks and purchases systems due to the reduction in diameter.

This can only be carried out on rope with a dyneema core that carries most of the ropes strength. All of our braided dyneema ropes have a protective coating added to the core to protect against chafe and UV damage when the cover is stripped
This splice is perfect for spinnaker sheets.


Dyneema Tip

The Ocean Rope dyneema tip is our most popular splice for racing yachts.

We strip away the ropes cover at chafe points such as sleeve boxes etc and replace with a 100% Dyneema Cover which provides excellent chafe resistance.

This technique is especially popular for racing jib sheets and tips of halyards that have been to stripped to core only for weight saving. This can also be changed economically at the end of every racing season to prolong the ropes life. Please indicate the length of chafe guard you require when request this splice







Dyneema Covered Eye SpliceCovered Eye Splice

The Ocean Rope covered eye splice is popular amongst cruising sailors. This splice can be carried out on Dyneema Braid, Cruising Dyneema or Braid on Braid. This splice keeps the ropes cover intact to keep the chafe protection. Don’t forget to add a shackle to your order or send us your old shackle to splice in.



Dyneema Core Eye Splice

Core Only Splice

The Ocean Rope core only splice utilises our Dyneema Core. This splice is uncovered for weight saving or flexibility for cow hitching.

This splice is used to make our Dyneema Strops for Kitesurfing applications. The splice is prone to chafe however our dyneema core is coated to help mitigate this.