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Top 5 J70 Upgrades

Top 5 J70 Upgrades

We have reviewed our top 5 J70 upgrades for a fast and easy to race J70. These products represent a tiny proportion of our J70 range. 

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Heres our top 5 J70 upgrades

1. J70 B&G Triton 2 System 


We have seen quite a few electronics solutions for J70s in the class over the years, but none beats the simplicity and accuracy of the B&G triton 2 system for the J70.  This system allows the freedom of choosing our own sensors and adding components like the Cyclops Smarttune load sensor to the display. 

We recommend separate speed and depth sensors for the most accurate data. 

Ocean Rope supply the full system with custom mast bracket and waterproof battery box. We also have all the correct cable length etc on file. 

View the Triton 2 system here


2. Grand Prix Rope Package 


Our brand new J70 Grand Prix Rope Package takes all the things we have learnt over the years and aims to makes them even better! We worked closely with Marlow Ropes to design a rope package with much increased durability and life span. This package uses custom cover blends only used on high end race boats. 

View our Grand Prix Rope Package 

View our Standard Rope Package


3. 2:1 Main Halyard

Our J70 2:1 main halyard has been developed in accordance with a recent international class rule change. The rule allows a 2:1 lower purchase attached using a hook only.

The halyard uses a fixed length section with an eye splice each end and a halyard tail. We can incorporate your usual sail attachment method (key pin shackle, dog bone or soft shackle etc)

Once the mainsail is fully hoisted the hook attaches to the eye splice of the fixed length. The 2:1 purchase can then be used to adjust the halyard to the correct tension.

This allows for more precise adjustments when loaded and also illiminates the common problem of the halyard slipping on the class required cleat.

We developed this product on our own J70 and had great results so far.

Price – £99

4. Seadek J70 Deck Grip Kit

Seadek deck grip kit – the most comfortable upgrade for your J70!

This upgrades sits at the luxury end of the J70 upgrade market, however the difference remarkable. The factory finished non skid can often be quite slippery and prone to wear.

SeaDek is a nonabsorbent, lightweight, closed cell PE/EVA blended material specifically formulated for marine applications. The J70 deck grip kit uses the 5mm variety. This product provides exceptional grip in all conditions and makes moving around the boat in windy conditions easy.w

The 3m adhesive backing will stick straight to the factory non skid. All that’s required is a thorough clean/de-grease and a dry day to apply.

Our boat has had the same deck grip kit for over 3 years and it still looks good as new!

We have custom patterned the european J70 to ensure the kit fits your boat.

Price – £699.99


5. Harken 57mm T2 Soft-Attach Ratchamatic® 

57mm Soft Attach Ratchamatic
57mm Ratchamatic® – Perfect upgrade for spinnaker blocks

One of the most simple but effective upgrades for your J70 spinnaker setup is a Ratchamatic® block. Ratchet blocks are designed to add friction to increase line holding ability. This is great when the sheet is highly loaded however the exact opposite is required in a Gybe. The Ratchamatic block automatically engages the ratchet when the line becomes loaded. When the sheet is released in a Gybe the block will free run, dramatically reducing friction and increasing the speed of the Gybe.

We have used these blocks on our boat for a long time and the difference is really noticeable! This should be one of the first upgrades you consider for your boat.

Price – £71.18 each


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